There are a few guidelines around the use of the nature reserve for everyone’s safety. So please follow the rules below:

1. Use at your own risk, we are not responsible for accidents.

2. Respect nature. This is the home of many animals and plants. Do not feed or approach animals. Please keep dogs under control at all times for the benefit of others and our wildlife.

3. Day use permitted from dawn to dusk, overnight camping by permit.

4. No motorized vehicles other than in the designated parking areas; and bicycles are not allowed on the property.

5. No smoking on the property.

6. No electronic devices allowed other than cellphones used for emergencies.

7. Enjoy nature but please do not pick flowers or cut down trees.

8. Fires only allowed in designated fire pits.

9. No horses allowed on trails as they damage the trails.

10. Pack out all garbage.

11. Leave only footprints; take only pictures.

We can only reap nature’s optimal benefits if the natural environment is healthy. When we care for the environment, we value it. Our appreciation, love, care and protection are direct outcomes of our experience and relationship to nature, now, and for generations to come.